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Multi-Pockets Camping Picnic Bag Oxford Cloth Tools Storage Bag Large Capacity Handbag Folding Thermal Drink Carrier Lunch Box

1. Super-large capacity, as you like, large-capacity design, super load-bearing capacity, can meet the outdoor storage needs.
2. Hanging belt, does not take up space, around a total of 20 hanging holes and 2 D buckles, can be reasonably allocated to save space.
3. Foldable design, which can be picked up as soon as you pull it. The inner bracket can be folded and can be accepted by pulling in on both sides, which is convenient and fast.
4. Portable ribbon design, fast and labor-saving, making it more convenient to go out.
5. Multi-purpose design, this product can also be used as a toolbox, you can not imagine.

Name: Multifunctional Package
Material: Oxford Cloth
Size: Unfolded: 365 * 325 * 245mm/14.37*12.8*9.65in, Folded: 365 * 245 * 70mm/14.37*12.8*2.76in
Color: Khaki
Weight: 720g


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Multi-Pockets Camping Picnic Bag
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