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1. The Unique 3-point Hammock Anchoring System Provides A Tight And Taut Base For The Hammock. Whether You Sleep In The Front, Back Or Side Of The Tent,

2. You Can Sleep In The Tent Most Comfortably. If Your Child Is Not Soft And Remains In Good Condition After Repeated Use. Even After Running Them In The Washing Machine Several Times, They Still Look Like New.

3. Multi-person Hammocks With Anti-tip Straps, Portable Triangle Tree Hammocks, Easy To Use, Comfortable Camping Furniture For Outdoor Or Garden Terraces.

4. Each Tent Is Reinforced With Our Unique Anti-dumping Belt System To Create A Separate Sleeping Area For Everyone And Prevent You From Moving To The Center Of The Tent;

5. A Must-have Feature For Multi-person Camping.

6. The Comfort And Versatility Of A Camping Hammock Have The Protection, Safety And Multiple Uses Of A Tent. Give Your Family A Safe Hammock.

Maximum Load: 400 (kg)

Specification: (length X Width)

280x280x280cm / 400x400x400cm (cm)

Hammock Surface Material: Polyester Mesh


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Triangle Hammock
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